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Where are they now?

Where are they now?

Read stories of former KICC participants and how the competition jumpstarted their career.

Former KICC participants share their stories.

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The KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge (KICC) is a unique opportunity that gives students a chance to work on real-world business issues and experience what it is like to work with clients.

For these former KICC participants, the competition was the start to their career at KPMG.

Karthik Paratamsetti, Senior Consultant, BPS-S&O-Strategy, KPMG in India

Staci Scott, Manager, KPMG in the Cayman Islands

Samantha Hennings, Manager, KPMG in the Cayman Islands

Fernanda Santanna, Consultant, Risk Consulting, KPMG in Brazil

Karthik Paratamsetti

Senior Consultant, BPS-S&O-Strategy, KPMG in India

Participated in KICC 2014, São Paulo, Brazil

Be it the team video, interacting with people from different parts of the world, or exploring the city of Sao Paulo, the KICC experience has been ‘AMAZING’. Every time we were in the room discussing the case, it  felt like we were in a war room - with your team mates tearing into ideas and strategies until only the finest strategies remain. Coming out of it  made me truly understand the power of teamwork and all that it can accomplish with a diverse and yet complementary set of skills.

I would like to pass on to anyone considering taking part in KICC to have a strategy towards approaching the cases. Being a time limited competition, it is very important to understand the team composition and the different skillsets they bring to the table, and have specific roles and/or process in place before starting the case itself.

Throughout our journey we were in constant touch with some very senior personnel from KPMG and the constant feedback and guidance we got from them not only helped us in KICC but would also help us throughout our careers. In fact there was a tangible difference in our analysis, presentation skills and confidence as we progressed through the different stages itself.

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Staci Scott

Manager, KPMG in the Cayman Islands

Participated in KICC 2013, Madrid, Spain

The KICC experience was amazing all around: creating our team video, networking with other teams and judges and learning about their country/firm culture, and exploring the city of Madrid. The opportunity to interact with so many individuals from such a wide array of backgrounds is a rare one, and an experience I'll never forget. Perhaps more than anything else, KICC displayed to me that the KPMG organization truly does have a global mindset and works diligently to encourage its people's personal and professional growth.

KICC honed three of the most important skills in any career, but particularly in public accounting: networking, public speaking, and teamwork. I have utilized these skills already at KPMG, and am much more confident in my ability to network, present, and act as an effective member of a team after my experience at KICC.

I would advise those considering taking part in KICC that they have a game plan prior to the actual competition. When your time is limited, it's easy to get distracted and overwhelmed, and it helps enormously if you already know team members' roles and the process you will be following to reach and present your decision.

I can't stress enough the importance of doing multiple cases ahead of the competition. Not only is it great practice from a presentation standpoint, but it also helps ensure that team members are comfortable in both their roles as well as the high pressure environment. The value of this can't be overstated.

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Samantha Hennings

Manager, KPMG in the Cayman Islands

Participated in KICC 2013, Madrid, Spain

I first entered KPMG in Cayman Islands as a trainee accountant, mainly dealing with administrative tasks. Now I have graduated and work full time as a supervisor in the audit department in a more client facing role.

KICC was a fantastic experience that offered an invaluable opportunity to network with peers worldwide, listen to inspiring speakers, explore the city and test our business knowledge and organization skills with high pressure case competitions.

KICC emphasized the importance of three points to me: Team work, Working under pressure and networking. Team work and learning to work well in high intensity/pressure situations are both required in the work place on a day to day basis in order to get your job done and networking with people is required in order to learn and grow in your role in any firm.

For anyone considering participating in KICC, ensure that you follow the decision process with your team during the cases so that you can present confidently, even when you have had no time to practice your presentation!

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Fernanda Santanna

Consultant, Risk Consulting, KPMG in Brazil

Participated in KICC 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Participating in KICC in 2015 was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The challenge gave me a taste of what life would be like as a consultant, and it really opened my eyes to some of the tough questions KPMG client teams face each day.

As I neared the end of my accounting degree at São Paulo University, I applied to KICC in Brazil. Less than a year later, I found myself representing my country together with my three teammates at the KICC final in Dubai, presenting our ideas to KPMG partners and professionals.

Today, I work as a consultant at KPMG, advising the boards of some of Brazil’s top companies, and using my experience to help shape how businesses are organized to make better decisions and mitigate risks. I’ve participated in an innovation project that brought me to Rome where I presented and discussed my ideas with KPMG leadership from around the globe. And I’ve been working with our global people and talent leadership to help transform future talent and workforce strategies at KPMG.

KICC is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It provided me a chance to collaborate with and learn from peers and KPMG professionals from around the world, think differently about global challenges and solutions, and ultimately kickstarted my career at KPMG.

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