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our services

our services

from global mobility services and international tax to transfer pricing, we provide support and advice to many of the world’s biggest organizations.

find out how we support and advise clients on their tax needs.

tax: our sevices

tax is the home of highly talented and collaborative people. we advise on critical business decisions and provide services to many of the world’s biggest organizations. the range of projects that we take on – and the quality of our relationships across the world – offer unique opportunities. if you have the skill, determination and desire to make an impact on clients, and, eventually, in the boardrooms of global companies, you can achieve great things here.

we provide a culture of learning and support, where you can discover your true potential. like the new world of tax, a career here is a constantly moving and exciting experience, rich with opportunities. 

tax can be broken down into the following service areas:

global compliance management services

help some of the world’s largest multi-national businesses to better manage, coordinate and control their compliance obligations, resulting in improved governance and reduced risk.

global indirect tax services

advise clients on how indirect taxation affects their multi-national operations, work with businesses to develop and enable them to execute indirect tax management strategies. advise on the indirect tax consequences of entering new markets and undertaking corporate transactions, as well as offering guidance on reducing indirect tax costs, managing transfer-pricing matters and related goods and services tax.

global mobility services

help multi-national companies manage their international workforce by advising on income tax planning, social security, global immigration services, reward and incentive plans and technology.

global transfer pricing services

help clients develop and implement economically supportable transfer pricing strategies, document policies and outcomes, and respond to tax authority challenges.

international tax

work with multi-national clients and governments to deliver post-acquisition integration and restructuring, expansion, divestment, ipos and public financing services. advise on cross-border tax matters, and help clients manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and supranational regulation.

mergers & acquisitions tax

advise on cross-border tax issues that come with the buying and selling of a business. performing due diligence, structuring analysis, and modeling work, you will help buyers and sellers understand processes, avoid pitfalls, and seize opportunities.

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